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Fool Archetype

"I just bought this new outfit, then I gave some money to a friend who said it would double in two days. I'm very excited." 

The Fool Money Archetype can take big risks with their money. They would easily sell everything they own and go on an adventure. They may give the shirt off their back without really knowing that it is their last shirt, or even caring.


The Fool is irresponsible with their money. Some call it foolishness, some call it fearlessness. Yet, the Fool will most often land on their feet. They are eternal optimists. They often win because they are willing to roll the dice more than others. The Fool is an adrenaline junkie.  


The Fool Archetype is close to the Wizard Archetype in that they both trust that the universe is abundant and will take care of them. The difference is that the Fool often doesn't have the wisdom or the intuition to know when to hold or when to play.


The inner work of the Fool is to slow down. Before making any financial decisions, take time. Breathe, and ask some questions. The Fool often avoids anything that feels painful or uncomfortable. The Fool does not like to dive deep into the energy of unresolved emotions.


As the Fool gathers strength and courage and moves towards its Warrior, he/she will allow feelings of all kinds to surface and begin to receive information and insights.

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