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Caregiver Archetype

"I give and give and I'm never acknowledged. No one can do it as well as I can. I just wish someone was capable of taking care of me. But no one is as good at it as I am." 

The Caregiver Money Archetype is a powerful energy. They are the people who volunteer, lend money and give to family and friends. They are often exhausted and running on empty.


It's difficult for a Caregiver to receive. They may feel resentful and overwhelmed because their giving is not being acknowledged. It has been my experience working with Caregiver Archetypes that even when someone acknowledges them, they may not be able to hear it or feel the gratitude. 


Caregivers have very high standards for themselves. They are often perfectionists and incredibly hard workers. They have elements of the Warrior and Wizard in them. Their drive and passion allows them to realize their dreams. Their compassion and wisdom allow them to tap into spirit or source energy.


The inner work of The Caregiver is to create a safe space to let go and be nurtured. The Caregiver may need to do some forgiveness work around not having the support they may have needed as a child. They may need to explore why they need to give so much. Letting go of control and allowing things to unfold naturally will ease the stress that the Caregiver feels.


The ironic thing about The Caregiver is that they just want to be taken care of. They long to be swept off their feet. But surrendering to someone else is very difficult, especially if that someone doesn't live up to their standards. The Caregiver needs to tap into the energy of trust. The universe will support them if they just let go and receive.

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