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A Year Long Program 

Rewire Your Relationship with Money,
Master Your Cash Flow
and Grow Your Wealth. 
Learn from experts in Financial Literacy,  Investing and Financial Therapy.
Regulate your nervous system so you can learn with more ease and joy.
These 12 months will be packed with support, knowledge, transformation and accountability. If you are ready click on the button to find out more.


Say Hello to Peace with Money and Goodbye to Overwhelm and Confusion. 

Linda P,

Book Designer

Working with Brenda has been a life changer. I no longer lay awake at night worrying about my finances. I now have a system and it works! We worked through some of my emotional money blocks too and Brenda was so supportive and full of encouragement. She truly cares and it shows in everything she does. I highly recommend her!


Jacky Y,


Brenda St Louis truly is a master at what she does! I have taken other money courses before, but this one is really one of a kind and she takes you very deep on the journey of transforming your relationship with money. I got a lot out of it even before the course began, just with some of the prep exercises she had us do. It's very tangible and she is very practical in her approach. Thank you Brenda! 


Solah N,


Her methods are powerful and she delivers her work with a sense of playfulness and joy which further opens up space for new energy to flow into her clients lives.

If you could use more money flowing into your life or would like to feel more at ease with your relationship to money... connect with Brenda St. Louis!

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