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A Feminist Approach to Money?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Wow, a whole new decade! 2020. Perfect vision. Happy New Year to YOU!

Let me ask you something. Are you feeling the urgency on this planet right now? Climate change. US military policy. White privilege. The uprising of Indigenous voices. Female agency. My Facebook feed is full of it!

There is a quickening, and at times it can feel like WTF can I do about all of this?!

Some of us sit back and watch; we have strong opinions but don’t do much. Some people fight and join the protests. Others donate money to the cause but continue to live their lives as usual.

When I think of 2020 and the impact I want to make in the world, it excites me.

Imagine a world where women especially were empowered with their money. A world where we were conscious consumers, housing our money in places that do good in the world. Imagine the impact we made spilled over into our communities and personal relationships.

Imagine if thousands of women saw this as a way to create change on the planet.

In meditation this morning I envisioned a world of commerce that was intimately linked—let’s say irreversibly linked—to the planet and her resources. It was like every exchange of anything created more connection and health for each of us and the planet… We no longer lived in an extractive economy!

I just finished a novel that is all about an economy that marries the Wood Wide Web (mycelium), AI (artificial intelligence), and cryptocurrency. As you can imagine, my inner world is full of “This could work!!! Totally. Fucking. Possible.” It is a bit hard to translate, but the most outrageous innovations start in our imaginations.

I hold that vision every day with the work that I do. While ingesting mushrooms is the closest I get to mycelium right now, reading about AI fills me at times—and people are reimagining crypto everywhere. My steps right now are to foundationally shift how each of us interacts with money.

First, we need to deepen our relationship to commerce and grow our financial literacy. No more hiding, no more pretending, and no more surrendering our power to the institutions that run the world. It’s time to take the reins of your financial life and lead!


That’s what Rewire Your Wealth is about. I had a couple of course participants say that this is a feminist approach to money. I laughed because I hadn’t thought of it that way. It just felt like the most holistic approach that I could embody.

Is that feminism? Probably.

Feminism with spreadsheets, mindset practices, and calculators.

Feminists who invest and negotiate with freakin’ badass skill. Women who lead with their whole selves, not just their left brains. It’s no longer just about logic and an analytical approach.

The heart will always have a voice.

Would you like to be a part of my vision for the next decade? Start it off right by realigning your relationship with money to both your soul and the planet.

Imagine a world where, because we all were empowered with our money, the addiction to “more is better” and the indoctrination that “the one with the money makes the rules” are blown apart.

We all need to heal our relationship with money in order to create massive change in the world.

My 2020 vision is happening. Wanna be a part of it?

Book a call with me!

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