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Rewire Your Wealth
12 Week Online Program

Welcome to a 12-week intensive like you’ve never experienced! It is designed to help you create peace, joy and confidence  with money and set you on the fast track to becoming empowered with your money.


We together will both strengthen your subconscious as it relates to money and deepen your financial literacy and acumen. 

This program is by invite only. Click below to learn more and book a Free Insight Call with Brenda 

Rewire Your Money
Starter Program

This Starter Program is designed to support those that are not ready for Rewire Your Wealth. 

It highlight the three areas that are the most important in transforming how we are with money.

  1. One on one coaching. Brenda will be coaching you one on one so you can clear up issues that are specific to you. 

  2. Community.  Rewire Your Foundation is a 21 Day program that includes 3 sessions of group coaching.

  3. Personalized Hypnotherapy tracks to support your mindset along the way.  

Rewire Your Foundation

21 Days to strengthen the 3 Pillars of a healthy relationship with money. This course is designed to literally rewire your foundation with commerce, community and yourself. It is the most important thing you can do to set the stage towards a healthy relationship with money. 


You will engage in:

  • Daily Hypnotherapy Practises

  • Short lessons with each Money Archetype and Pillar

  • Daily Affirmations

  •  Active Facebook group to build a strong and powerful community.

Rewire Your Money Genius
7 Day Challenge
Exploring 6 of the Nine Money Archetypes.
Free Course
Rewire Your Future Now!