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Who does Brenda work with?


Money can be one of the biggest stressors in a relationship. Brenda works with couples so that they can develop a mutual money language that each person in the relationship can relate to. Brenda creates a safe and non judgmental atmosphere so that each person can heal and navigate behaviours that will facilitate a deeper more cohesive dynamic within the relationship. 


Business owners, solopreneurs, sole proprietors, self employed...whatever you call yourself. Brenda will help you organize, automate and systemitize your financial framework. She also will explore areas to help your business grow with out exhausting you the business owner. She will help you separate your personal and your business life.


Do you make good money but at the end of the month you have no idea where it all went? Brenda will capture and leverage the income in your life so that you are not only saving but you are also living the life you love. She will shine a light on difficult money behaviours and facilitate healing and repatterning those areas. She will strategize how to get out of debt, save for bigger purchases and more. Brenda will teach you how to create automatic systems that make it easy and manageable. and you will not feel that sense of deprivation that can often happen with a budget. 

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