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"Money taints all things creative. Money and art do not mix. Whenever I think of money I'm no longer able to access my spiritual connection with source." 

The Artist Money Archetype has a difficult time merging the potency of the material world with the energy of the spiritual world. Some Artists may feel like they are forced to work in meaningless jobs in order to pay the rent. Their truest desire is to create art and to follow their passions. They have decided that it is money and their need for it that gets in the way of creating true art. As a result, a lot of resentment can build within their relationship with money.


The Artist has a difficult time making this world work for them. They can be disconnected from their physical bodies. Food, housing and material things are not as important to them as being in their creative zone: making art, dreaming and innovating. They are often more enamoured with their own inner workings than with what is happening with others.


It is easy for The Artist Archetype to access their Wizard. They are very connected to spirit and the energies of creation. 


The inner work of an Artist is to discover the beauty and magic in the material world. They need to let go of their beliefs and assumptions that money is evil or wrong. If they allow the flow of currency to support them and nourish their creativity, they will begin to access both their spiritual wealth and the material manifestation of that abundance.


Business, money and the flow of currency can be very creative and powerful energies. Learning how to stay connected to source at the same time as being intimate with the material world is true mastery. We all have bodies, and having our material needs met is very satisfying. Our soul and our body need to dance in balance. This material world is filled with possibilities.

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