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Discover Your Money Archetype

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Everyone has a different relationship with money. The way you were raised, your experiences dealing with your finances, and your personality can all impact the way you view and manage money.

But, what if there was a way to overcome the negative mindsets that can keep us from achieving our goals? What if you could learn to embrace abundance, take control of your money, and learn to live a more thoughtful financial life?

Our money archetypes are subconsciously guiding us towards or away from certain behaviors. Once we understand the role they play in our financial wellness, we can break free of destructive thought patterns and make better choices.

Which money archetype are you?


Who Is Brenda St. Louis?

I am a trained Certified Money Coach, Financial Therapist, Trauma of Money Facilitator, published author and International Speaker and I am passionate about creating innovative ways to teach both Financial and Emotional Literacy so people can experience peace, confidence and joy with money.

I  work with average to high net-worth individuals living paycheck to paycheck and people that are emotionally challenged around money, experience true peace, joy and confidence in both their personal and financial lives. 

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