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Innocent Archetype

"I am not good with numbers. I don't understand all this financial mumble jumble." 

The Innocent Money Archetype is where we all began. As kids we are supposed to be innocent when it comes to money. However, when we grow up, we are expected to learn how money works. The Innocent is the Money Archetype that chooses not to learn.


The Innocent keeps their head in the sand. They often appear happy and easygoing, but inside they are racked with fear and anxiety. They desperately want someone to take care of them. They crave security and comfort. Dreams of their prince or queen taking them away and riding into the sunset happily ever after fill their head.


They naively hope for a fairytale ending until they are forced to look at their finances. This could be because of a divorce, a traumatic event or mounting debt. Now they are confronted with having to deal with the language of money and they feel stupid and/or unequipped. 


The inner work of an Innocent is to begin to educate themselves. The anxiety that an Innocent experiences will soften when they begin to know that they are capable. Taking baby steps to learn a little bit at a time is the best approach.


Building a financial toolbox and becoming financially savvy will invite the Innocent to step into their Warrior. Reading books about personal finance, listening to podcasts and asking questions are great places to start.

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