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"The universe supports me fully. My outer material wealth is an expression of my inner spiritual wealth. I trust completely."

Money Wizards are everywhere. The funny thing is, they are often in disguise. They may look like a philanthropist or a single mom; they could be your neighbour or your best friend. They have an air of joy and ease.


Money Wizards are in the flow. They have a highly developed intuition and a connection with source energy: God/Spirit/Universe. Money Wizards know that they will be taken care of. They trust that the universe is abundant. Money Wizards also have made peace with their past and have become wise, generous and at ease.


A true Wizard can manifest their desires almost instantaneously. They know that their spiritual wealth is directly connected to their outer material wealth.


The Money Wizard is part of the Archetypal Trinity (along with the Warrior and the Wise Elder). We want to nurture our inner Wizard and, together with the Warrior and Wise Elder move through the world with a strong foundation with money.  


The Money Wizard can show up in our lives for moments, days and weeks at a time—and when we are clear and deliberate—maybe even for years.​

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