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An Exploration of Your Money Archetypes

Unlock Your Limitations with Money

July 16th 2019 
6pm PST
Online Webinar
Transform Your Relationship with Money
Reduce financial stress 
Become more confident
Identify your core money limitations

Join me, Brenda St Louis, as we journey through the 12 Stages of the Money Hero's Journey.

Deepen your understanding of the 9 Money Archetypes and set yourself up for success with your money. 

Uncover what is sabotaging your financial peace of mind.

Release yourself from the limiting story you have with money.


Included in the Webinar

9 Money Archetype Cards 

Downloadable PDF

cards that include the light and shadow side of each Money Archetype... A detailed resource

12 Stages of the Money Journey

A visual map detailing the various stages of the journey and directing you from trial to triumph with money

Webinar Recording

A downloadable file sent to you via email shortly after the webinar ends

Money Hero's

A 10-step checklist for Money Heroes... Helping you overcome challenges with money in the world

An Exploration of Your
Money Archetypes
Unlock Your Limitations with Money
July 16th 2019, 
6pm PST
Online Webinar
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