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Do you need a Money Coach?

What is the main difference between Money Coaching and Financial Therapy? 

Money Coaching explores the practical elements around money. It's about financial literacy, building systems that allow your money to work for you, and understanding how to leverage the money you make so that you can have a life that you love. We work with bank accounts, lines of credit, saving, spending, investing and more. 

Financial Therapy unpacks the emotional inheritances you adopted from your family. Here, we explore the unconscious behaviour that movtivates you with money, unlock limiting beliefs around money and self-worth, and begin to heal any trauma that may have prevented you from interacting with money in a healthy way. We learn and practice strategies to navigate your unique money personality more skillfully.

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My New Channel

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What is the difference between a Financial Advisor and a Money Coach?

In general, a Financial Advisor invests your money so that when you retire you will have enough to live on without working. Sometimes, advisors help you to understand how you are investing and what is the best strategy you can take in order to invest more money.


A Money Coach works with the money you have in your life so that you can live the life you desire RIGHT NOW! A Money Coach helps you stay on track and plan and strategize for the things that happen in your life before you are ready to retire. It is about living fully now AND into the future. 

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