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Attracting Wealth. How Can You Benefit from Visualizing?

Updated: Jan 18

Have you tried to attract wealth by visualizing? You are constantly visualizing — consciously and unconsciously. To visualize is to see or form a mental image of something. Whether you’re visualizing the article you’re writing, your date this evening, or imagining all the possibilities of why your teenage daughter is late coming home, you are continually visualizing.

Or is your mind just reviewing everything you said at the party last night? You may visualize the job interview you’ve scheduled, your planned trip, and the dinner with your in-laws.

Intentionally or unintentionally, you are all constantly visualizing. Since your mind is always active, why not benefit from visualizing? And since we could all do with more money, why not use visualizing to attract wealth?

Steps to Amplify the Power of Visualizing

Have you been thinking of a friend you haven’t seen before, only to bump into them later that day? What if the things you visualized came into reality?

In the financial services industry, this needs to be added up. But our minds are powerful tools, and we can create the reality we want, but it takes discipline and conscious effort.

Be Intentional About Attracting Wealth

Science tells us that most of our thoughts are repetitive and largely negative. You awake each morning replaying the same negative beliefs repeatedly, triggering the same trauma and activating the same emotions daily. Creating a pattern of victimhood

What if you practiced visualizing positive outcomes, happy images about a life you truly desired, images of money flowing into your bank account, supportive relationships, and fulfilling work?

Instead of letting your thoughts run wild, what if you put some intention into your vision and start visualizing what you truly desire?


As the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for.” Because it will all come to fruition, be clear about what you desire regarding wealth. Wealth can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s about increasing their net worth; for others, it’s about community.

Know what it is you want. If it is a house, what type of house? If it is a relationship that you desire to attract, what qualities would you want in a partner? Be crystal clear about what it is you desire. Do not approach your desires from a place of lack but from a place of how they will enrich your life even further.

Align with the Right Energy

Often, when we intentionally visualize a new reality, old ideas and beliefs creep into our thoughts. For example, we want a new loving relationship, but as soon as we start to visualize it, beliefs such as “there are no good men out there” or “the good ones are all taken” creep in.

Those beliefs are incongruent with the intentions you have. Don’t let negative energy taint your vision. Replace those negative beliefs with beliefs that support the new vision. Visualization helps to root it out. It will take practice in mindfulness.

Your brain entrenches repetitive thoughts. So, repeat positive beliefs in your mind. And they will start to become part of your identity.

Quieten Your Mind

It would be best if you quiet your mind to shape your thoughts. Chaos begets chaos. A calm mind can visualize with clarity. Reduce stimulation around by listening to meditation music in a soft-lit room to quieten your mind

If a money mind plagues you, like most of us, create a space conducive to visualizing. Make it a comfortable, dark room. Centre on your breath.


When you envision accomplishing a goal you desire, fill your vision with sensory-rich images. For example, if it is a new house, envision the house’s color, flooring, size, etc. Bring in as much detail to the manifestation of it happening. Make it feel, smell, taste, and touch as if it is real.

What are you doing, and with whom? Can you picture your surroundings? Bring in people in your vision — people who will benefit. How will your family benefit if you land the job of your dreams? Who will benefit from your increased wealth?

Take Action

We change when our perspective changes, when our mind changes. Visualizing is supposed to move you into action. ‘You can visualize and do nothing about it.

Visualizing compels you into action. Visualize what it is you want. Then create a plan on how to achieve what you want. Go after it with everything you have

If you can imagine it, you can create it.

How I Benefitted from My Visualization Practice

In June 2017, I declared to a friend, “In a year from now, my entire life will change!” Yes, I knew I needed to change, but I did not know how and in what way, but I felt it in my gut that I was not living in alignment, and it was gnawing at me.

I recall closing my eyes and feeling into my heart to allow a vision to emerge; the sound of waves, the smell of the air, the blue of the Mediterranean ocean. Images of me writing, going for dinner with friends, and tasting delicious Mediterranean food.

I envisioned this daily for eleven months, and before the year was up, someone offered to buy my business, and I ended up on a beach in the Mediterranean a few weeks later.

Attract Wealth from Visualizing.

“Visualise what you want, then go after it with everything you have. If you can imagine it, you can envision it and create it. And that will lead you to become it.” — Maria Rahajeng.

Please give it a Go and Have Faith.

Have you tried manifesting something you truly desired? How did it go?

Photo credits: Canva

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