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Is Corporate Karma Colour Blind?

Is corporate karma color-blind? Solely driven by the green stuff? Companies recognize the symbiotic relationship between them, their customers, and their shareholders. And what they stand for has to be aligned with the values of their consumers.

Customers and shareholders walk with their wallets.

Corporations know that customers and shareholders walk and talk with their wallets. So Netflix officially canceled the show Bright 2, starring Will Smith, soon after the incident at the Oscars when he slapped Chris Rock.

And we are well aware of Elon Musk’s convictions for free speech and his purchase of Twitter. And the backlash against Spotify and Joe Rogan for his interview with Jordan Peterson.

Corporations are aware that they need to take a stand that reflects the values of their shareholders and their customers, or they’ll walk.

The collective response

We expected the collective corporate responses to the unacceptable unprovoked invasion of Ukraine — either to protect their profits or as a statement against this invasion-

But I could not help but wonder if it was because of the color of their skin that multi-nationals responded as they did.

Like the rest of the world, I weep as I see the senseless bombing in Ukraine. And the extensive coverage by western media on the plight of the Ukrainians.

But I could not help but notice the difference in the reactions to the displacement of the hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Or the seemingly endless war in Afghanistan.

The west has opened its arms to displaced Ukrainians. And rightly so. But I recall not too long ago a vastly different response to middle eastern refugees, many of whose bodies were discovered on European shores.

Yes, the Ukrainians hold many similar values to that of the west, but the plight of victims of senseless acts of violence is tragic regardless of the color of their skin. And should be acknowledged as such!

Are we all the same?

After all, we all feel the sun just as much as the rain, no matter who we are.

What do you think? National policy is influenced by ethnicity, but what about corporations? Are corporations color-blind and solely influenced by the green stuff?

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