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This Took My Breath Away

This week has been strange and wonderful in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

I couldn't sleep the night before the — The Wealthy Woman Vault Launch — I was anxious and worried.

At first, I thought it was because I had this big exam for my Accredited Financial Counselling Designation (AFC©). ( I PASSED, BY THE WAY. YAY, HAPPY DANCE)

Then I thought it was because I was disappointed that we had to postpone our Launch because we wanted to focus on this VAULT.

Then I realized — it was because of all of you.

It was because having integrity, alignment, and care is important to me, especially when it’s about helping people with their money.

This world of money can be so confusing and overwhelming. People get taken advantage of if they don’t understand. It’s so important that we are all Financially Literary. YES NOW!

Our mission with money is to create more Peace, Confidence, and Joy!

Jennifer and I were sitting here in the living room, and we both said at the same time.

“People need us.”

We don’t sell products.

We don’t make money on your investments.

We only teach and empower you to confidently understand and lead your money.

OK, Jennifer made this video that makes my heart sing. It makes me smile so big.

When you buy the Wealthy Woman Vault, we get 50% off the 55 dollars, which is going up at Midnight tonight to $111.

But once you get in, you can become an affiliate and share it with others who want to be more financially literate. And you get 50% of that.

Now if this is not about sharing wealth, I don’t know what is. There is no catch.

It’s everything you need to become magnetic to money, finally, understand universal principles of manifestation, Aquarian Business Models, the Basics of Investing & Crypto (in a language that makes sense), and become a financially literate, Wealthy Woman.

There’s almost $20,000 of epic, carefully & lovingly curated content (courses, masterclasses, journeys, pdf’s, resources)

For just $55.

And no, there’s no catch.

It’s the greatest experiment (that I’ve ever been a part of) in literally moving money through the hands of women and seeing the ripple effect when we amplify each other’s voices.

I want all of you to have access to it. For the first three days, it will be offered at $55; then, it goes up to $111, $222, and finally, $333. These are all angel numbers.

There are offerings from nearly 50 extraordinary women inside The Vault who teach financial literacy, investing, how to get creative & resourceful when buying real estate, how to save $ wisely, and where to put your money. Hence, it works for you (instead of continuing to trade your time for money); there’s paradigm-shifting content on passive income streams, trauma-informed manifestation, on the energetics of money.

— to help you understand WHY no matter how much money comes in, you can’t seem to get ahead…I wanted to understand crypto & investing in a language that makes sense, taught by incredible women who’ll hold our hand and show us exactly what to do. (Because crypto is not going anywhere, it’s the new internet!)

I wanted to understand how to diversify my income and investments so that no matter how much or how little $ I had, I could start building generational wealth for my kids, family, nervous system, and sanity!

LISTEN, we are the matriarchs, the visionaries on this planet, and we need to be prepared because we don’t know what will happen to the current financial systems.

What I do know is that money in the hands of women is a great fucking thing.

And MORE money in the hands of women is even better.

“When women thrive, families thrive.

When families thrive, communities thrive.

When communities thrive,

our beautiful planet thrives.”

- Rachelle Garcia Seliga

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