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What is The Money Fog?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


"What's the scariest thing for clients to go through when they are looking at their relationship with money?”


"I think there's one energy that comes up, with almost everyone and I call it the money fog. As soon as we start talking about numbers or they start talking about their numbers. It's almost as if they disassociate. You can see this blank look in their eye and there is nothing going in.

As a therapist, I know immediately. I can see it across their face. I have to ask… are you in the money fog? We start to know when someone's in the money fog and we pull them out of it and recalibrate them to the present moment. I think because we haven't been taught about money, we believe it's not our genius, or it's so connected to emotional stuff that we disassociate when we start to talk too much about numbers. That's one of the big things that can come up for many of my clients.

Fear. Shame and Guilt. Shame that they're not better off financially than they are; shame that they've overspent; shame that they're so greedy that they are abusive to their partner. It can show up as verbal interrogation, ‘What did you buy that for’. A lot of times it's the judgment of ‘I don't like how I am with money.' Which becomes a judgment of self.

Money fog can be the result of emotional baggage that has so many sources. We are all unique and our stories are complex. Money is one of the most under-explored areas in our personal development. Seeking Financial Therapy is a courageous step you can take to become a true leader with your money.

Interview by Jonah Boston at The Restless Podcast.

Brenda coaches people on how to develop a healthy relationship with money. You can reach her at

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