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Why Hypnotherapy:

Reprograming anything in your Subconscious mind can’t happen from your conscious cognitive mind. During these Hypnotherapy tracks  I will guide you into a state where most of the subconscious is stored. In this state we will acknowledge some of the limiting points of views and beliefs systems you may have and invite you to let them go. Then I will gently invite new points of view and beliefs into your brain.


NOTE: It’s easy and safe but please take note that your state of mind is important. If you feel fearful and can’t let go please listen to the recording while on a walk or where you can understand the prompts in the recording. Then when it feels good you can lie down and allow yourself to let go more fully. 



It takes at least 14 days before you notice the deeper lasting changes in your brain. After a full month the REWIRING of your beliefs and patterns start to happen and it is much harder to fall back into your old patterns. Give it time and be dedicated to the process. It took you your whole life to build your beliefs and limitations. But it doesn’t have to take that long to change, it just has to take the willingness and courage to stay the course. You got this!


Included Tracks:


  • The Brain Science of Hypnotherapy (free)


Hypnotherapy Guided Meditations:

  1. Success and Transformation

  2. Confidence and Trust

  3. Overcoming the Money Fog 

  4. Self-Worth

  5. Take Aligned Action and Transform Fear

  6. Becoming a Steward with Money

  7. Addiction and Distraction

  8. Three Pillars of a Healthy Relationship with Money

REWIRE YOUR LIFE in Less Than 30 Days: Package of 8 Hypnotherapy Sessions

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