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Tyrant Archetype

"Money! Money! Money! All mine!"

The Tyrant Money Archetypes are often considered the dirty politicians. They are the ones who will do anything to make more money. They only care about how much money they can make. This is the archetype that has fostered the belief that money is evil and corrupt. 


The truth about the Tyrant Archetype is that deep down something is missing. They feel out of control and empty. Everything they do is to fill that space of "not enoughness". The Tyrant Money Archetype has decided that money and power will fill that void inside.


Tyrants can show up as hoarders, micromanagers or money hungry CEOs. They can be judgmental and secretive. 


It's also possible to be a Self-Tyrant, judging yourself for not having enough, not being good enough or not working hard enough. 


The inner work of The Tyrant Money Archetype is to begin the journey of self-love: loving who you are, not what you do and accomplish. This self-love journey is one we are all on. For The Tyrant, this may be the first time they have ever stepped into loving themselves. 


Tyrants never feel safe and are always seeking material goods to create a sense of security. Tyrants often have deep traumas from their past. They may have never been given the love and security that they required. Creating a safe place to express their feelings and receive love and abundance are powerful steps for the Tyrant.

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