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Orphan Archetype

"Why does this always happen to me?"

The Orphan is one of the trickiest Money Archetypes to work with. Orphans have powerful stories to support the problems in their lives. Many of these stories are true. Life can be really hard at times. However, the Orphan Money Archetype leads with the wounding. They live in their past traumas. There is so much unprocessed pain that they have a difficult time creating their lives with new energy. At times, they are highly emotional, resentful and unforgiving. 


If someone is functioning from the Orphan Money Archetype and is willing to acknowledge it, amazing things can happen. One of the gifts of the Orphan Archetype is their ability to have compassion and love for others who are suffering.


Depending on the depth of their wounding, they may need extra support throughout the Money Coaching process. Deep forgiveness work is required to heal the Orphan Money Archetype.


A strong Orphan Archetype will defend their story. The cause of their suffering is directed outward through blame and defensiveness. Only when the Orphan can see themselves as a co-creator in their lives can begin to shift the energy around money and possibility. 


The inner work of an Orphan begins with rewriting their story. The Orphan needs to let go of the past. It is only through vigilant redirection of the victimizing self-talk that a new momentum can be created. Orphans are strong and savvy, but they are using that energy against themselves.


Accessing the wisdom gained from their past can allow the Orphan to unleash a new future. They will now begin to stand in their Money Wizard energy. A transformed Orphan is a powerful force and a magical creator.

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