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Warrior Archetype

"I will do whatever it takes to reach my goals. Nothing is impossible." 

The Warrior Money Archetype is one of the archetypes that supports us in creating healthy relationships with money. It is part of the Archetypal Trinity (along with the Magician and and the Wise Elder). It is action and focus that fuels The Warrior. Warriors will do what is required to move things forward. They embrace change and are ready for whatever arises.


A conscious Warrior can be frugal, hardworking, a great negotiator, wise and generous. They can see how their actions affect and boost the energy of those they care about.


The Warrior can get out of balance at times. An over-developed Warrior can become a Tyrant. They may become aggressive and goal driven and forget to have compassion for those around them.


An unconscious Warrior can also slip into the Caregiver Archetype. They may refuse support and interrupt the flow of receiving that gives them the strength they need to do the impossible. As a result, they become depleted and resentful.


As the Warrior becomes more balanced and conscious, they will be one of the Money Archetypes that adds to your financial health and wealth.

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