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Desire, Belief, and Expectancy

A burning desire, unwavering belief, and a sense of expectancy. Yes, you will also need a SMART written plan. But a bulletproof plan and a step-by-step process without desire, belief, and expectancy can lead to success but will not lead you to your destiny.

And we are here to achieve our destiny. Some may call it life’s purpose, dharma, or calling, but it is still ultimately our destiny.


Desire is the feeling of wanting something — better health, more fulfilling relationships, wealth, or simply something that will bring enjoyment to your life. However, it’s not enough to desire something.


Beyond desire, you need to nurture your belief that you can achieve what you desire. When you start thinking of your desires, many thoughts will enter your mind to quash your desire.

They will give you reasons why you can’t achieve your desires. All these give you the same message — you’re not good enough!

Most of your beliefs are inherited from your family or messages you heard from school and your community. If you want to succeed at anything, start by questioning your beliefs. Then rescript them. It will take some time and mindfulness to change your beliefs since most of them are subconscious.


Once you make a habit of rescripting your beliefs in support of your desires, take inspired action and expect them to come to fruition.

Here is the process to achieve your destiny with desire, belief, and expectancy.

1. Clarity

Nothing can substitute clarity of vision. The degree of clarity requires specifics. Where, when, and why? E.g., I want to produce a thirty-half-hour series on how people worldwide pursue happiness with and without money. Within the next twelve months because it marries my passion for adventure and personal finance.

Don’t be hazy about your vision. The clearer it is, the easier it is to manifest it. It’s not enough to know you want to write a book. Specifying the genre, length, and reasons for writing the book. Do you want it self-published or through a traditional publisher?

Do you get my point?

2. Write it down.

Writing things down does something to the connections in your brain. So once you know what you want, please write as much about it as possible.

Writing things down allows a record of your vision. Something you can continually refer to help you stay on track.

Write a detailed plan on how you want to achieve your dream.

This will motivate and direct you.

3. Set a timeline.

Setting a date when you’d like to achieve your goal makes it real. Divide the time you’d like to achieve the goal with the action steps you need to take.

A marathon is 42 km. If you’ve never run before but plan on completing a marathon in six months, start by dividing six into 10 km. Practice running 10 km in the first month and gradually increase the distance until you’ve hit the goal.

4. Envision.

Your power lies in your ability to imagine the outcome you want for your life. For example, an improved relationship, a new job, greater wealth, or better health all start with your mind.

Set aside time each day — preferably the first thing as soon as you awake or just before you fall asleep.

During this time, envision with clarity and sensory-rich images. Feel, taste, and touch as if it has already happened. The key is to trick the brain into believing it has happened. And your subconscious mind will start to work at making it a reality.

5. Act

You can’t just envision and leave it at that. That vision must inspire you to take daily action toward achieving that goal.

If publishing a book is what you hope to achieve, then write. Make it a daily practice. Enrol in classes if you don’t feel confident writing a book worthy of publication. But don’t just take action for the sake of taking action. Instead, take action that is inspired by your inner core.

Mindfulness and meditation help you attune to that inner voice that will direct your path!

How visualization can change your life

Using visualization

Many people are skeptical about the power of visualization. I have used visualization to design my desired life for a few years. I was skeptical initially, and mastering my thoughts and rescripting my belief system took a while.

But I am convinced that your life directly reflects your thoughts, and I have created a life that aligns with my vision. It truly does work!

Bringing it all together

Cultivating a burning desire is important but must be paired with belief and expectancy. With desire, belief, and expectancy, your mind can be so powerful that it can bring wonderful events to bear within days.

Most people need to learn how to tap into and control this powerful force.

Pay attention to the synchronicities. Reflect and think about examples from the past when you’ve succeeded or failed at manifesting the solution to a problem.

Which building blocks (desire, belief, and expectancy) were you using or neglecting?

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