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What Does Rewire Your World Mean?

My journey toward living a Rewired and Aligned life has been messy and convoluted. I have had some kinks in my wiring. It continues to be a process of listening and taking aligned action.

I don’t know about you but I see a lot of things that need rewiring. Not only has the Global Pandemic escalated fear and anxiety. The BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement has shone a light on racism and hate that hopefully will not be ignored. There are huge inequities in our money systems, pollution in our environment and so much more.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say that this world needs Rewiring?

But the truth is rewiring is an Inside Job. It starts with us.

That is where Rewire Your World starts. However, that is not where it stops. My agenda is to hold a bigger vision for all of us. I know where I want this movement to go. (Will explain later)

But it starts as an Inside Job. This copper wiring has got to go.

When a nervous system, money system, a social system is wired incorrectly it will not change until you change the freakin wiring. You can't change it by taping together the broken circuitry. We need a whole new pathway towards balance.

Rewiring is first about clarity and then alignment. You need to be clear on where you are going and what kind of equipment you need to get there. And then stay on the path and not be pulled off track.

Getting clear is important. How do you want to feel? Where are you going? What kind of skill and support will you need to get there?

Once you have all those things in your suitcase then alignment is next. Being in Alignment can have its challenges. It's not always as simple as it sounds.

One thing that I am committed to, is living in alignment. When I am out of alignment it feels awful. I process it aloud, I try to fix it by taking action and sometimes I totally fuck it up.

We all want alignment but we may not all agree on what that looks like.

I just recently had to make a choice. I could go to Mexico for many months during this pandemic with my partner; be in a Dr Joe Dispense retreat on rewiring the brain and immune system; and live in Mexico as a digital nomad.

Sounds great right?

Well as a Canadian everyone at home was under strict lockdown and there was a travel ban that went into effect the day I was to leave the country. All flights were cancelled. “Except mine.” It's true all flights out of Canada to a warm country were cancelled except for my flight.

During this pandemic, I have been inundated with opinions, judgements and fear. Hell, I was also judging people that were gathering in large groups. I stopped posting on Facebook pictures of me and my friends hanging out. I hugged friends that were living alone. I acted like I was being super cautious when I wasn't. I didn't want to be called a 'super spreader'. The shaming and judgement were what I feared and also participated in. I was totally out of alignment. It felt like shit.

I was also at the beginning of my anti-racism, white privilege education. I was first concerned with the judgement people would have about me travelling. I was also questioning if this choice was in integrity with what I was wanting to embody. Living in Mexico was a privilege I could afford. Was I taking advantage of a country, putting them at risk or what I aiding in their economy?

I had to get clear that my decision was not based on the judgements I would get but rather on what felt in alignment.

It all starts with me. It all starts with you. When I am not in alignment I can feel it. It feels like dissonance, discord, disconnect. Tangled and messy. When you are out of alignment how do you know? What does it feel like?

The work with Dr Joe, being with my partner, living away from all the fear, judgement and intensity.

I decided to go.

The alignment and expansion were off the charts. The synchronicities and amplitude of my work are undeniable now. So many things have happened for me that I could never have imagined.

Rewiring our operating system of habit and defaults is the best place to start. Fear, anxiety and separation are all things that live in our nervous system. Rewiring those defaults and breaking the habit of being yourself is an inside job.

Take some time and listen to this audio hypnotherapy track about Alignment. Begin to Rewire Your World. It starts with you.

It truly is an inside job.

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